CBR environmental and quality objectives 2024

Throughout its over 100-year history, CBR has repeatedly taken on and mastered new challenges. This family enterprise has always placed top priority on sustainability in all areas. But sustainability is only attainable when the interaction with our customers and the environment runs smoothly, and when we use precious limited resources prudently.

In 2024 as well, CBR continues its future-oriented efforts by continually reinforcing its place in this interaction.

To this end, we will continue to systematically optimize our quality performance, which has already earned us a solid standing among our customers today.

  • CBR will further expand its raw material supply through additional raw material sources that also permit a qualitative adaptation to special customer requirements.
  • Through collaboration with other specialized enterprises, CBR will continue to offer custom solutions.
  • Internally, an electronic document management system will be implemented to continually improve communication and documentation, while also ensuring systematic knowledge management.
  • In order to deliver our Cobersol products in the accustomed top quality on schedule, we are also investing in our vehicle fleet; naturally, the emphasis is also on maintaining our flexibility.

All of CBR's activities also place a high priority on preserving environmental quality.

  • One of the main goals of all investments was to cut energy consumption and reduce environmental impact (energy-saving equipment, heating and lighting; low-emission tanker trucks; reduction of materials required and waste products).
  • The energy consumption of individual consumers is being identified and assessed on a continuing basis. By implementing the above actions in our enterprise, we want to reduce our electricity and gas consumption by 3 % each.
  • All our processes and plant equipment are designed to prevent the release of our products even in unusual operating situations (closed systems and retention devices). Through the controlled use of transport vehicles, we want to reduce rinsing wastes by 2%, even though we already completely recycle all our rinsing wastes.
  • Wherever quality requirements permit, we are increasingly using recycled transport containers or the container deposit system.
  • We are conducting extensive, long-term renovations in our operations sector to ameliorate the environmental contamination caused by incidents occurring in the 1980s. The lower action threshold values of the German LAWA standard were established as the targets for these renovations.

We are implementing all these actions with qualified employees who are continually adding to their knowledge through training programs and internal and external specialist conferences. Their extensive specialized knowledge enables them to optimally monitor and control our processes. And we are also sharing this potential with our customers.

The Executive Management of C÷lner Benzin Raffinerie